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Which scheme is for me?

Motability Schemes

Choose which payment option works best for you:

Nil Advance Payment

With this option you don’t have to contribute any additional payment or pay anything up front. Transferring your allowance to Motability is simple to arrange and can be done through your Suzuki Dealer. Your government allowance is paid directly to Motability, that’s why no credit checks or assessments are required.

You can increase your choice of cars even further by topping up your allowance with an upfront payment, or what is called an Advance Payment.

Why some Motability Dealers require an Advance Payment

For more expensive vehicles, your Motability allowance may not be sufficient to cover the cost of the three-year contract hire period. In these cases, an advance payment is required to make up the difference.  If an advance payment is required, you or your carer should make a single payment to your Suzuki Dealer. An Advance Payment is non-refundable.

Lease for Less

This option means that if the monthly cost of the vehicle is less than your disability living allowance or personal independence payment you’ll receive the cash back to spend as you please. This could be used, for example, to cover fuel costs. Our model that currently falls into ‘Lease for Less’ is the Celerio.