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Swift Insurance Group CO₂ Emissions (g/km) (Start-Stop-Function) OTR
1.2 Petrol 5dr Manual SZ2 11E 116 £ 9,749
1.2 Petrol 3dr Manual SZ2 11E 116 £ 9,249
1.2 Petrol 5dr Manual SZ3 11E 116 £ 11,499
1.2 Petrol 5dr Manual SZ-L 11E 116 £ 11,899
1.2 Petrol 3dr Manual SZ-L 11E 116 £ 11,399
1.2 Petrol 5dr Manual SZ4 11E 116 £ 12,599
1.2 Dualjet Manual SZ4 11E
( 99 )
£ 13,099
1.2 Petrol 5dr Auto 4-speed automatic SZ4 11E 129 £ 13,499
1.2 Petrol Manual 5dr 4x4 SZ3 4x4 11E 126 £ 12,499
1.2 Dualjet Manual 4x4 SZ4 4x4 11E
( 111 )
£ 14,599

Suzuki has a standard ‘On the Road’ price on all vehicles. This charge includes delivery to Dealer, number plates, first year’s Vehicle Excise Duty and first registration fee. Metallic paint available at £430.00