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Have To Know More

What is Suzuki Gen-3 Glasscoat?

Well, to give it its actual name, it’s Generation-3, Polysilazane Liquid Glass Pre-ceramic chemistry. For ease, we call it Suzuki Gen-3 Glasscoat, a liquid protection treatment which can be applied to paint, plastics, metal surfaces and alloy wheels as well as to the side glass. The advanced ceramic formula of Suzuki Gen-3 Glasscoat provides a hard coating that’s impervious to solvents, alkaline cleaners and petrol and diesel fuel spills. The Suzuki Gen-3 Glasscoat also includes a treatment for the fabrics of the interior.

How does Suzuki Gen-3 Glasscoat work?

The main chemical (Polysilazane) in Suzuki Gen-3 Glasscoat, is a form of liquid glass, which once applied to exterior surfaces, hardens into a super-tough ceramic coating. The advanced structure of Suzuki Gen-3 Glasscoat allows this protective coating to build a molecular bond with the paintwork, providing unrivalled durability. This ceramic coating actually toughens with age and extreme temperature exposure. We can tell you that Suzuki Gen-3 is quite literally using technology that is ‘out of this world’, with this product being so advanced it was used by NASA during their space shuttle programme.

How will Suzuki Gen-3 Glasscoat benefit me?

Suzuki Gen-3 Glasscoat repels liquids and is extremely resilient against all kinds of surface damage caused from road dirt and mud, acid rain pollution, solvents, ice and snow, and road salt. It also has fantastic capabilities when it comes to resisting the effects of car washing and those annoying birdlime deposits too.
Once Suzuki Gen-3 Glasscoat is applied, all that’s needed to maintain your Suzuki’s showroom shine is regular washing. What’s more, the advanced structure of the Suzuki Gen-3 coating ensures that washing becomes easier and less time consuming. In fact, there’s even a Suzuki Gen-3 Dryclean product available to bring your car’s paintwork back to its clean best, without the need for water. The application of Suzuki Gen-3 Glasscoat removes the need for expensive regular polishing, re-waxing or the use of specialist cleaners.

How often does Suzuki Gen-3 Glasscoat have to be applied?

The Suzuki Gen-3 Glasscoat needs to be applied just once by your local Suzuki Dealer. There is no need for costly regular re-application ‘top-ups’. After the initial application of Suzuki Gen-3 Glasscoat at your Authorised Suzuki Dealer you are protected by a Suzuki 5 year guarantee to ensure that the product keeps that high gloss appearance.

How does Suzuki Gen-3 Glasscoat compare to traditional cleaning methods?

With traditional cleaning methods such as polishing and waxing, the shine achieved rarely lasts very long and regular re-treatment is often needed. The glass-based coating of Suzuki Gen-3 Glasscoat lasts up to 10 times longer than these traditional methods, helping you to maintain your Suzuki’s forecourt shine - and improve its residual value – without you having to spend your precious time polishing or waxing.

How does Suzuki Gen-3 Glasscoat work on fabrics?

Messy children, muddy paws and leaking bags. Your Suzuki is built for life and all that’s involved in it, so you need to have peace of mind that the interior of your car is working hard for you. After one application of the Suzuki Gen-3 Glasscoat Fabric Protection, the hypo allergenic PTFE formula coats your Suzuki’s carpet and upholstery (fabric, leather or Alcantara®) with a hard-wearing stain resistant barrier, helping protect against spillages and accidents.

I want to get Suzuki Gen-3 Glasscoat applied to my new Suzuki, what do I do now?

You can request to have Suzuki Gen-3 Glasscoat applied at any participating Authorised Suzuki Dealer where Gen-3 Glasscoat and Fabric Protection will be professionally applied by a trained Suzuki Technician.

The Gen-3 packages

Bronze Pack (for dealer application only)
•    Dealer-applied Suzuki Gen-3 paint protection
•    Dealer-applied Suzuki Gen-3 fabric/leather protection

Silver Pack (for dealer application plus customer aftercare)
•    Dealer-applied Suzuki Gen-3 paint protection
•    Dealer-applied Suzuki Gen-3 fabric/leather protection
•    Aftercare bag containing fabric/leather cleaner, glass cleaner, vehicle shampoo, sponge, polishing cloth and leather

Gold Pack (for dealer application plus customer aftercare)
•    Dealer-applied Suzuki Gen-3 paint protection
•    Dealer-applied Suzuki Gen-3 fabric/leather protection
•    Aftercare bag containing fabric/leather cleaner, glass cleaner, vehicle shampoo, birdlime/insect remover, vehicle Dryclean, sponge, polishing cloth and leather