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Towing and Touring Tips

For a safer more relaxing holiday

Whether you’re spending months planning and preparing or just packing up and heading out on an adventure we want to make sure your touring holiday is the best it can possibly be. So before you set off, take a look at our handy list of Do's and Dont's.


Do check which documents you, your family and your vehicle need for touring in the UK or abroad.

Do check your Owners handbook for your vehicle’s maximum nose weight when working out “what can I tow"?

Do check your Owners handbook for details on adjusting your tyre pressures when carrying a full load.

Do remember that headlamp beam converters (contained within our European Roadside Assistance Pack) are necessary if you are driving in a left-hand drive country.

Do carry a Suzuki Genuine Accessory spare bulb kit when driving in the UK or abroad.

Do check the latest driving regulations for each country you’re visiting, especially the usage of a GB sticker and the carrying of warning triangles and hi-viz waistcoats.

Do talk to your Suzuki Service Centre about a Pre-holiday or Air Conditioning check, UK or European Assistance Packs, lights, tyres or any other touring related queries.


Don't exceed your vehicle’s recommended maximum towing weight or maximum permitted roof rack load.

Don’t forget to check your insurance cover details before taking your vehicles abroad.

Don’t let bicycles carried on the rear of your car obscure the rear number plate or lights. If they do, you will need to utilise an auxiliary lighting board and number plate.

How do I tow or get towed safely?

Towing and Touring Sales