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Accident Aftercare

Had an accident? Make sure you call SUZUKI first; even before your insurer.

Call Suzuki

Here to help you

Suzuki Accident AfterCare is free, 24 hours a day, if you have an accident.

Call Suzuki First regardless of who was at fault. Because we know your Suzuki, we can do something no insurer can – guarantee the highest quality repair to Suzuki repair standards and manage the entire insurance claim process for you. You will also be provided with a free courtesy car. No hassle, no claims forms and no cost.

Shouldn’t I call my insurer first?

No. Most UK insurers want to repair your vehicle as cheaply as possible – so they send you to their ‘nominated’ bodyshop which won’t know your vehicle and may not operate to the latest Suzuki repair standards.

They even avoid using Suzuki genuine parts and that could compromise the safety, warranty and resale value of your Suzuki. So one minute your Suzuki is 100% Suzuki, then it isn’t.

It’s your right

In contrast, Suzuki Accident AfterCare exercises your right to a repair at a Suzuki Approved Body & Paint Centre that operates to Suzuki repair standards and only uses Suzuki genuine parts, keeping your Suzuki 100% Suzuki. It’s free and it only takes one call.

Save Suzuki to your Mobile

How we help you:

  1. CLAIM HANDLING - Liaise with your insurer and process your claim
  2. RECOVERY - Recover your vehicle and get you home
  3. COURTESY CAR - free courtesy car for the duration of the repair
  4. CERTIFIED REPAIR - Exercise your right to a repair at a Suzuki Approved Body & Paint Centre
  5. GENUINE PARTS - Only use Suzuki genuine parts
  6. REPAIR UPDATES - Keep you informed of progress throughout
  7. LEGAL HELP - Legal support service for personal injury
  8. COLLECT & DELIVER - Collect and deliver your repaired and valeted vehicle
  9. WARRANTY - Ensure your Suzuki’s warranty is maintained