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Q: Will I need to report the claim to my insurer if you are dealing with my claim?

A: No. Once you Call SUZUKI First we will notify your insurer of the accident and which Suzuki approved Body and Paint Centre your Suzuki is to be repaired at. If you don’t Call SUZUKI First, your insurer will dictate where your vehicle will be repaired and it will be too late for you to exercise your right to have your Suzuki repaired at a Suzuki approved Body and Paint Centre.

Q: What do Suzuki customers pay for this service?

A: This is a FREE service to all Suzuki drivers – there’s no catch. We simply manage the claim on your behalf. When an accident is not your fault we recover all costs from the other party’s insurer. Similarly, there is no extra cost if the accident was your fault. Assuming that you are comprehensively insured, your only cost is any uninsured cost, such as policy excess.

Q: What information will you require from me in order to manage the claim?

A: When you call us you will not need to fill in a claim form as we will do this for you over the telephone. In the event that you are missing some details, we will investigate and make enquiries.

Q: If I Call SUZUKI First will it increase my next insurance premium?

A: Definitely not if you were not at fault for the accident; the other party’s insurer pays for your claim. If the accident is your fault, any increase in your next premium should be no more than if the insurer’s bodyshop did the repair, as we approve all repair costs with your insurer prior to proceeding.

Q: How does Suzuki benefit from providing this service? It sounds good but I can’t help being cynical.

A: Suzuki wants all Suzuki owners in the UK to receive the highest standards of bodyshop care. We aim to improve the Accident AfterCare experience for customers involved in a vehicle accident and help to protect the safety standards and residual value of customers’ vehicles. Suzuki genuine parts are developed to meet rigorous safety standards. The use of non-genuine parts on your Suzuki by your insurer’s bodyshop could compromise the safety of your vehicle and your passengers. Suzuki also benefits by fitting Suzuki genuine parts, and through greater contact with customers, providing support and peace of mind at a time when they need it most.

Q: How will Suzuki and my insurer agree on the cost of the repair?

A: We approve all repair costs with your insurer. The assigned Suzuki approved Body and Paint Centre submits an estimate of the repair cost for your insurer’s approval before proceeding with the repair. Costs for completing bodyshop repairs are standardised.

Q: I’m a Suzuki used vehicle owner – am I also entitled to use this service?

A: This service is available to all Suzuki drivers in the UK, regardless of the age of your vehicle, whether your vehicle is new or used, or has had a number of previous owners. It is also available to anyone who drives your Suzuki, providing they are insured. This service can be passed on to new owners if and when you sell your Suzuki.

Q: Can you help for all accidents, even a small dent?

A: For any accident, no matter how big or small, you should always Call SUZUKI First. We will arrange your Suzuki repairs with no hassle or inconvenience.

Q: Isn’t it just another middleman that will reduce my control over the claim process?

A: No. This Suzuki service gives you much greater control over your insurance claim, by allowing you to exercise your  right to control where your vehicle is repaired and ensuring that you receive all the benefits available to Suzuki drivers.
Suzuki Accident AfterCare is provided on behalf of Suzuki GB PLC by Retention UK Ltd, which is registered in England and Wales Company No. 05687158 at Batchworth House, Church Street, Rickmansworth, Herts, WD3 1JE and regulated by the Claims Management Regulator in respect of regulated claims management activities. Retention UK Ltd is an appointed representative of Original Insurance Services Ltd which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.