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Suzuki recommends Castrol

Your engine works hard. Over time, wear and tear can impact performance. But if you choose the right oil for your engine, you can help your car work better, for longer.


Absolute commitment to high quality

We’re 100% committed to making sure you get the absolute best out of your car. That’s why Suzuki only recommends Castrol Professional oils.

Castrol Professional oils are specially made for Dealerships. They are formulated to the same high quality as the oil that your car was born with and are exclusively available from your local Suzuki Dealer.

Cleaner and greener performance for petrol cars

For our petrol cars, Castrol Magnatec Professional GF 0W-20 is the perfect oil to keep your fuel economy optimised and your emissions low.

From the moment you turn the key, the intelligent molecules in Castrol Magnatec Professional GF 0W-20's cling like magnets to the engine parts that work the hardest, protecting them from wear and tear.

Greater engine performance for diesel models

For our diesel range, Castrol EDGE Professional C4 5W-30, with Fluid Strength TechnologyTM, reduces metal to metal contact in your engine by up to 40% more when tested against a leading competitor product. It helps to extend the lifetime of your Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) offering the best possible protection.

When to top up?

To ensure you are getting the best from your Suzuki engine it is important to make sure your oil is always topped up. If your oil is below the maximum level then you are not getting the best performance or economy from your Suzuki engine. One litre top up packs are available at your local Suzuki Dealership.

Castrol professional oils are only available at your local dealer.